How did i manage to escape from World’s Most Deadliest Cyber Attacks ?

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Recently, we have seen that almost 3,00,000+ computers/laptops all over the world have been infected by WannaCry virus which had locked up their victim’s files and made their system useless. It would not have happened if they had followed these 10 Golden Rules while surfing on the internet. Viruses may come and go but these rules are the foundations of good security initiatives that you can take for free and instant.

1. Never ever, and we mean really, ever, click on any links in any random e-mails / messages / WhatsApp messages.

2. If you are not able to resist yourself from clicking links from random e-mails, please follow following steps:

a. Check the e-mail address of sender if it contains some misleading names. Example: Instead of Yahoo, you may get email from vahoo.

b. Copy the link / URL

c. Paste the link in simple text editor of mobile / computer (This will reveal the actual link on which it will redirect you.)

d. Analyze the link if it contains any suspicious words.

e. Copy this link from text editor

f. Paste in the secondary web browser in which you have not logged in via Gmail / Facebook etc. Example: Generally, people are logged in Google Chrome via Gmail Account and Facebook so you should not use Chrome for opening these links. Use Mozilla Firefox / Opera / Safari instead.

g. Even If the link is veiled under link shortners such as , etc. open in secondary browsers. Link Shortners does not state that the link is authentic.

h. If the link contains https://, it may be genuine, but there is no guarantee.

i. These simple steps will prevent you from any auto connect virus scripts which may access your Gmail / Facebook / Other Logged in accounts without your permission.

j. Install Ad Block plus / Ad Blocker Plus (Whichever has max. good ratings on browser directory) on your browser as a plugin. It will prevent you from many spam web-links which open by itself while surfing on low quality pirated content sites. It is available for major browsers.

3. Don’t panic whenever you are surfing on some low quality websites and a pop-up comes on the screen suggesting:

a. 5 virus found in your system, install our antivirus now….

b. major problem in your system files / system files missing, install our file manager

c. flash is missing, install flash now

d. If possible close the windows but if the spam site is not allowing it, go to task manager and force close it and in worst case turn off the system. But don’t install whatsoever software it wants you to install.

4. Don’t panic whenever you find an e-mail stating that your bank account / paypal account / net banking account has been compromised or has been opened from different location or providing any other panic creating statement. Please follow these simple steps:

a. Don’t panic, Calm Down

b. Watch out the sender’s email address, it may be something like Pavpal instead of PayPal. If you are panicked, you will not find the difference.

c. Usually the knowledge of English and formatting style of e-mail of spammers is not very good and they tend to make much grammatical mistakes while professional organizations don’t.

5. We can’t stress this any further with what others say, BUY & INSTALL A GOOD ANTIVIRUS and not a pirated one. It hardly costs from $ 10 — $ 20 / Rs 500 — Rs 1000.

6. Don’t use any login details on Non-https sites. Try not to purchase anything from sites which are non-https. Well Known E-commerce sites already have their https versions by now.

7. Don’t use public Wi-Fi for money transaction purposes. Public Wi-Fi is the easiest to hack. If you really need to use it, use it under VPN.

8. For Android Mobiles security, don’t install just anything that comes around in your way. Read at least its 20 reviews from google play and then only decide. Also use only Google Play Store & Apple App Store for downloading any App / Software.

9. Install the free softwares from their parent sites.

10. Remember the last and the best rule on internet, Be inquisitive & Question authenticity of everything. You should even search about the authenticity of Sarvotarzan too.

We Guarantee if you follow these 10 Golden Rules, you will never be trapped by the spammers / phishers / viruses again.

Stay Connected, Stay Intelligent.

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